Straka Speech Castle Rock provides individual and group speech therapy by experienced, certified Speech Language Pathologists.

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Straka Speech Castle Rock provides individual and group speech, reading, and occupational therapy by experienced, certified Speech Language Pathologists and Therapists.

Our therapy is evidence based and family focused. Patients receive individualized support through regularly scheduled therapy sessions with the same therapist. Consistent family support and training teach patients’ families how to facilitate progress outside the therapy session.

Conveniently located in central Castle Rock, we are easily accessible to families in Castle Rock, Monument and South Denver.

Star of the Month

Every month we are proud to feature one of our outstanding students as a Straka Speech Star. We ask their families to describe their experience and the progress they've seen, allowing both us and moms and dads to brag on some fabulous kiddos! 



Will has been working with Margaret for 1 1/2 years.  Will is almost 9 years old and will be a 3rd grader this fall.  He has two little sisters, and loves swimming and watching basketball with his dad.  Will has Mowat-Wilson Syndrome, which causes cognitive and physical delays.  Will also has had significant health problems and spent the first six years of his life in and out of the hospital.  

When Will began working with Margaret at the beginning of 2018, he could not push up to a seated position, had low muscle tone and no protective reflexes. Margaret began working on balance, weight bearing and strengthening his reflexes.  During his initial four point weight bearing exercises, where we would help him weight bear on his hands and knees, he was able to weight bear for about 40 seconds with help.  His weight bearing slowly increased to the point where he can hold himself in a four point position with minimal support for up to 15 minutes.  After a couple of months of working with Margaret, Will was able to push himself up into a seated a position and lower himself back down safely.  He began to do this more and more frequently.  His balance has improved, as has his stamina.  His nutritionist measures the muscle in his arms.  For years, he was so lean that he did not register on the charts.  After we began working with Margaret, his muscle mass increased to the 15th percentile.  When he saw his nutritionist a few weeks ago, his muscle mass in his arms was in the 50th percentile (when accounting for his lean frame).  

Will is now working on the scooter board, pulling himself down the hall with some assistance.  He is starting to push himself in in his wheelchair and can weight bear without assistance on a wedge.  He works hard every week with Margaret and we cannot only see the improvement, but have the data points to back up that improvement!


Our fall groups are enrolling now!

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