Straka Speech Castle Rock provides individual and group speech therapy by experienced, certified Speech Language Pathologists.

Straka Speech Castle Rock provides individual and group speech, reading, and occupational therapy by experienced, certified Speech Language Pathologists and Therapists.

Our therapy is evidence based and family focused. Patients receive individualized support through regularly scheduled therapy sessions with the same therapist. Consistent family support and training teach patients’ families how to facilitate progress outside the therapy session.

Conveniently located in central Castle Rock, we are easily accessible to families in Castle Rock, Monument and South Denver.

Star of the Month

Every month we are proud to feature one of our outstanding students as a Straka Speech Star. We ask their families to describe their experience and the progress they've seen, allowing both us and moms and dads to brag on some fabulous kiddos! 



Taden is an amazing, caring and super sweet 7 year old. He enjoys his time discussing, watching or interacting with Dinosaurs. His favorite dinosaur is T-Rex, but on occasion he may reply Spinosaurus. When he isn’t chatting about dinosaurs, the topic may lead into desert reptiles, sharks and whales, or large cats like the fast running cheetahs! On occasions, he may even be holding onto a miniature figurine, of which he has many.

Taden has struggled to hold long conversations with family, friends and loved ones. His desire is apparent, as he is eager to join or play with others around him. Since starting with Straka Speech, we have noticed improvement with pronunciation, vocabulary and confidence. He looks forward to his weekly individual and group visits. As he continues to grow, so does his personality. Thank you Straka Speech for aiding in his bright future!


Thank you to all who joined us at the FSH Society “Walk and Roll”event on Saturday, September 9th!

Our Halloween party is coming up! More details to come, but plan to join us on October 27th from 4-6pm!