Straka Speech Castle Rock provides individual and group speech therapy by experienced, certified Speech Language Pathologists.


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Don't just take our word for it!

Straka Speech is proud to be part of the Castle Rock community and we are so thankful to have been able to work with hundreds of incredible families. Below are some reviews from people who have graciously shared about their positive experiences with us. 

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I’m so thankful for this place! They do free screenings and caught my son’s speech impairment. My son sees Ms. Amber and we love her! She has taught our whole family strategies to help his stutter. My son is improving and I’m feeling better knowing we have the expertise to help him!
— Danae S.
Our journey has only just begun at Straka, but what a journey it has been so far! My 4 year old, Ellie, can’t wait to see her amazing therapists every week. Amber, her speech pathologist, is patient, kind, and fun. I’ve been brought to tears with the amazing improvement we’ve seen in her speech progression so far. Never has she been so motivated and determined to communicate there and at home. She has only just begun to see her occupational therapist, Margaret, but the results are already starting to surface. Her upbeat personality is just what Ellie needs to push through some of the more difficult tasks that await her. They are fantastic with their communication at the end of every session. They also provide easy to follow “homework” to continue each week between sessions at home. What an amazing place! We are so lucky to have found Straka. Thank you!
— Lauren B.
I cannot fully express my gratitude to Straka Speech for their continuing work with my son. His weekly improvements is testament to Emilie’s patience and dedication to my son and his speech. My son fully enjoys therapy and looks forward to his time with Miss Emilie every week. As a father, it is truly exciting to see my son’s world open up as his communication skills develop and grow.
— Richard G.
I have 2 year old identical twin boys who have recently begun attending Straka Speech for an expressive language delay. Both boys love working with Emilie and Amber. They are welcoming, compassionate, and encouraging. From the moment the boys begin their session they are engaged and excited to play and practice their communication skills. In addition, Emilie and Amber provide resources for us to take home so we can continue helping both boys improve their speech. We are so happy we found Straka Speech, they are fantastic at what they do!
— Lisa A.
Where do I start! Emilie is hands down the best speech therapist my son has worked with. We are so happy to have found her. After going through a few other therapist on our journey we have found a winner! Other therapist we have worked with were a bit intimidated by my sons speech disorder and didnt know how to work with him Not Emilie! My son is now thriving. He looks foward to going into speech every week with no hassel. What more can you ask for. I also find it comforting being around someone working with my son who truly has a passion for what they’re doing!
— Ashley M.